Data Engineer - SQL - Node.js - Linux - Cool Start Up company!

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£55,000 - £75,000   

Data Engineer - SQL - Node.js - Linux - Cool Start Up company!

Our Client is looking for a data engineer to join a small but experienced team of 10 developers, to support, develop and maintain their data pipeline as they transition to full commercialisation of their web-application. The web application allows intelligent interactive analysis of data. This is a great time to join the company for someone looking to grow as their company grows.

There company is in the process of building a team who will be able to automate as much of a credit analyst's methods and techniques. The company will be producing web hosting spreadsheets created from Artificial Intelligence and machine learning with a read easy front end and spectacular User Interface.

Do you want to join an amazing start-up company only 2 years old in a 10 trillion-dollar Market? If you have 3 out of the 4 required skills, please do apply asap.

Required Skills:

  • SQL (PostgreSQL preferred) but Oracle, MySQL and SQL server are okay.
  • Node.js exposure is essential - back end cleaning up financial data.
  • Linux scripting experience i.e. bash
  • Accounting/financial analysis experience - Knowledge of Financial statements

Apply if you have:

  • 3+ years of experience as a software developer / data-engineer (preferably developing/supporting data-centric applications)
  • Keen to work in a start-up environment with fast growth potential that prioritizes innovation

Our client's tech stack is:

  • Node.js - back end development
  • JavaScript - Supporting Node.js back end
  • Terraform - IaC
  • Docker
  • AWS - Lambda serverless computing platform
  • Python - supporting API
  • Jenkin - CI/CD
  • Solid understanding of database design and development

Experience would be highly desirable:

  • sed, awk, Perl, Java, Vue.js, AWS, JQ, XML, Git, Excel, text processing
  • Solid understanding of database design and development


  • Competitive Salary
  • Start-up environment
  • Potential share options

Super start-up company! Great culture and atmosphere in a ground-breaking industry. Apply ASAP for success.

Data Engineer - SQL - Node.js - Linux - Cool Start Up company!

Node.js PostgreSQL Linux AWS

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