Senior DevOps Engineer - Fully Remote

London - London

£85,000 - £100,000   Amazing Benefits

Senior DevOps Engineer| Kubernetes ELK| Global Consultancy

I am working in partnership with a global consultancy specialising in functional programming and safe software. This is a fantastic opportunity for a talented DevOps Engineer to work on some interesting client facing projects.

Outside of client-facing projects, open-source projects, you will have the chance to upskill, supported heavily by their in house Academy. Additionally, as part of their commitment to the community, they organise Lambda World, a non-profit, bi-annual Functional Programming conference held in Cadiz, Spain, and Seattle, WA, as well as the largest Scala Meetup in the Pacific Northwest, Scala at the Sea.

As a Senior DevOps Engineer, you will be responsible for enabling, advising, coaching and technical implementation of automation tooling and self-service platforms.

You will:

  • Work with a wide variety of clients around the globe in many different business domains.
  • Create, test, and provide best practices to design, build and maintain scalable, reliable and robust solutions.
  • Help onboard and mentor new engineers for clients and internal teams where necessary.
  • Have plenty of opportunities to share their knowledge and engage with the community at meetups and events around the world.
  • Work in an agile development environment.


  • Proven ability to work independently and effectively in a distributed team.
  • A desire to continually expand and refine your technical knowledge.
  • Experience in running Linux servers, virtualization, and containers (Docker).
  • High knowledge of cloud networking basics (TCP, DNS, routing, proxy servers, load balancers, and caches), Security (IAM, firewalls), and basic protocols (http/s, SMTP, ssh).
  • Knowledge of one or more cloud platforms like AWS, GCP, Azure, AliCloud.
  • Experience in at least one scripting language (Bash, Python, Ruby, etc)
  • Version control (GIT).
  • 2+ years of real, hands-on experience in DevOps-related work in a professional environment.
  • Excellent command of oral and written English.

Nice to haves:

  • Kubernetes and Helm.
  • Infrastructure as Code tools (Terraform, AWS CDK).
  • Configuration tools (Ansible Puppet).
  • CI/CD pipelines (Jenkins, GitHub Actions, GitLab) and Code Analysis Tooling (SonarQube)
  • Monitoring (Prometheus, Nagios, Grafana, Zabbix, Monit, Datadog).
  • Logging management (Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana (ELK) stack, Graylog, Splunk, Papertrail)
  • Micro-services and API Management.
  • Relational Databases (MySQL, MariaDb, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle).
  • No SQL Databases (Cassandra, Redis, CouchDB, DynamoDB).
  • Time series database (InfluxDB).
  • Storage (S3, GCS, Snapshots, Images & Repos).
  • Secrets Management (Hashicorp Vault, AWS Secrets Manager)
  • High Availability & Disaster recovery architectures.
  • Experience in at least one programming language (C++, Java, Scala etc).
  • Experience in chaos engineering within a DevOps environment.
  • Experience in AI and Machine Learning implementations in the cloud.
  • Data-Driven Data Modeling.


  • Flexibility, autonomy and trust to get on with the job
  • Support from the Leadership Team and your colleagues, we truly believe in our community and love seeing our own succeed. We'll do what we can to foster your growth and creativity.
  • A real sense of community, purpose and how you contribute and add value
  • Usual benefits for your locality
  • The latest tools to do your job!

Senior DevOps Engineer| Kubernetes ELK| Global Consultancy


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